Song of the North - A Zin Never Dies Adventure

Mar 24, 2021

FREE Short Adventure, Song of the North, for the new System and Setting Zin Never Dies.

A forest spirit, a friend in need and a land that is slowly losing its faith. Venture into one of the oldest forests of the realm and discover things, that should be left unstirred...
Song of the North - DOWNLOAD LINK

Featured RPG: Zin Never Dies, by Nemo
(Check out ZND's official website for all the necessary content you need to play the game!)

Recommended Party Experience: Any
General Theme: Escort, Escape
Setting: Any
Sessions to Finish: x1 3-hour session

Hey everyone!

Today I have a little surprise for all of you! Over the past weekend, I worked on what will be the first ever published short adventure for Lehrean Games' Zin Never Dies RPG system and setting.

Zin Never Dies is heavily inspired by media like Princess Mononoke and when I first saw it, I knew I had to check it out. It only took a few minutes to jump on the Discord server that Nemo (the creator) has set up for playtesters to group up. I saw how enthusiastic other people were about it and after downloading and reading through the short but very nicely made quickstart files, I knew I had to make an adventure for it.

I contacted Nemo about it and I was greeted with a very pleasant and enthusiastic response. I prepared a story and Nemo helped me adjust it so that it fits his world a bit more with a lot of useful feedback. It took only a couple of days but I am very proud to present what is the first published adventure for the amazing world that Nemo created for his new Tabletop RPG.


Nemo streams on Twitch every Wednesday and today we will be talking about this adventure as well. So if you would like to catch me talking online about adventures and stuff, feel free to drop by!


This is an extra release and not the usual scheduled one. That means that the scheduled Thursday release is still happening with the Patreon exclusives as well!

I am not sure if I will be creating more ZND adventures in the future but I would honestly be more than happy to do so if my time and my plans allow it.

Watching Nemo stream his RPG creations and all that has actually also been very inspiring and although I said I might not go back to streaming any time soon (I've done a LOT of streaming in the past for big channels), I am already thinking about streaming some of my content creation now and then in the near future.


I would like to thank Nemo and all my Patreons once again, since without you, none of this would have been possible.

Till next time!


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