Song of the Tyrants
This is another song from Wassaliens, produced as ever in 1998-9 by Dan Bennett for A Bear Peering Round A Rock Studios in Guildford. Present and performing were me on vocals, Dan himself on accordion, Mike Whitaker on guitar, Simon Fairbourn on bassoon, and Tim Walker on percussion, with the entire chorus (some or all of Diana Bass, Dan, Paul Bristow, Simon, Rhodri James, Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn, Tom Nanson, Chris O'Shea, Teddy, Tim, Anne Whitaker and Mike).

In Brian W. Aldiss's Bury My Heart At W H Smith's, he quotes Barry Malzberg lamenting the fact that most people prefer to read popular trash rather than the high-toned literary experiments produced by such writers as, er, Brian W. Aldiss and Barry Malzberg. 

"You starve us, he said. You starve us." 

Having myself a marked preference for stories with comprehensible plots, characters with whom I like to identify, and, if not an actual happy ending, at least a feeling that I have taken away something worthwhile and positive from the story--in other words, popular trash--I wrote this. It may err in the other direction a bit--there are kinds of popular fiction which I think go a bit too far in underestimating the intelligence of the public--but I am still dead set against snobby, cliquey, arty-farty elitism, and until art is no longer treated as an industry (come the day) it will still be true that what puts food on the table is bums on seats, laddie. You can rail against the reality all you like, but in the end you either write what they want you to write (assuming they will actually comment and tell you) or go and do something else for money.

Anyway, I think I made a reasonably fun song about it, and Brother Forebrain's turn on the bassoon is worth it on its own. Enjoy.

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