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Songbird (Aug #4)
I managed to complete 4 music videos in August, yay!! It's because of you Patrons that I'm able to spend the time on this - thank-you so much. I made this video a few weeks ago when we were away for the week-end and I borrowed a friend Bruce's Harpsicle. This is the same size as the one I'm being given by Harpsicle, but mine will have a cherry wood finish. It has a sweet sound even when unamplified as in this video, and I can't wait to try it out with the pickup!! Bruce's harp doesn't have a pickup so that will be an exciting difference.

I started recording this song with my Ogden last week, and I just wasn't happy with my performance so I checked back on this video I'd made over the long week-end, expecting the audio quality to be too poor and the harp too sound thin and plinky, but I think it sounds pretty good and I far preferred my performance. So that was a happy surprise!

I made a series of videos at my house concerts this past week-end, so for the next few weeks I will hopefully be sharing a few new songs from those performances. Looking forward to it! I'm trying to set up a more regular upload schedule to post music videos every week... let's see how I do! September is looking to be a busy month for me. 

I'm uploading the first Harp Help video on Thursday, which I will post on Patreon but won't charge you for the video - I will probably make a second Patreon page for Harp Help exclusively. 

Hope you're all doing well! xx