Songwriting 101 - YOUR CALL!!
most of you know I've been in an on-line songwriter group for some time now. each week I get a phrase and have to write a song with that phrase in it. it sounds a bit cheesy but no lie, it has changed my approach to songwriting completely. I've written more songs in the past several weeks than I have in the last couple years combined. I got to thinking about how I might be able to bring a bit of that here to Patreon and possibly get you guys involved. turns out, it's simple: YOU GUYS COME UP WITH THE PHRASE! seriously. you guys submit a phrase. I'll pick my 3 favorite and then you guys can vote on which one is the final phrase. sound cool? it can be simple, funny, heavy, wordy, YOU decide! respond with your phrase as a comment to this post so everyone can see them. I'll be choosing my top 3 THIS SATURDAY (2.8.14) so that you guys can get voting early next week. I'll write a song with the winning phrase, make a video of it and post it to the stream this month! (the other top 2 phrases will of course get honorable mentions!) looking forward to what you guys come up with. who knows, maybe we'll just have to start our own songwriter club right here on Patreon. you guys rock! -TL