Sonic Resistance & The Road To Being A Trilogy

So, I'm sure for those that have supported here on our page, have been wondering what exactly has been keeping us silent when it comes to uploads for patrons to see, and we don't blame those that are confused or concerned either. But don't worry. Nothing has changed or anything. Just that we've been very busy with our lives and current Silver Team projects.

So here's the deal. As you can tell by the title of this post, Sonic Resistance is going to be a trilogy of semi-long animations that will continue from first to third without any hickups that could potentially confuse our fellow supporters. No we've already planned for Sonic Resisitance to be something more then just one short animation, and so it gives us great pleasure to show you what this trilogy will entail. 

For starters will be starting with the first (already known) film.


"Endeavor will be the first film within the three part trilogy, and will focus on Tails, Sally, Nicole, and select few others as these few are trying to prepare for an orginized multi-timeline planet wide offense. The only problem is that there's one specific person missing that can really be of help with this... Sonic The Hedgehog."


The last two films that will complete the trilogy are going to be given little information as it would defeat the purpose of secrecy. So please just take what little is given as understanding that we'd like not be handing out spoilers. Thank you.


"I told her this would happen and yet... Now she's lost to fend for herself, while a few of us are going back... back to where this mess began."



"Until now, everything was going fine. At least... as fine as it could be, that is. We were finally ready to come home, and... as the group and I proceeded through the gate and into..." 

"Only blackness..."

So there you have it...

There's a lot still that needs to be done, and for this trilogy to exceed all else? Your support is much appreciated.

- Silver Team