Sonichu 12-9 Cover
Introducing Night Star, of Equestria; a unique Unicorn with the ability to open dimension portals to view into, and visit, other dimensions and worlds; she can view Our internet and YouTube videos through one, like an instant PC monitor.  She also has all Psychic Powers possible.  And, as an artist herself, and linked to myself, Christine Chandler, mentally, and visually through a portal, she draws and writes the "Sonichu" Comic Book series in Equestria (replace me with her; transformation to Chris Chan Sonichu, still the same, and all humans with ponies and horses.  Night Star may be considered overpowered, but she still has her flaws (not autism or aspergers, period), and she uses her powers for good.  Look forward to her life story (shortened), plus a day in Ponyville and around, in the next "Sonichu" after completeing #12.  Thank You for your loyalty and patience.  I am a Proud Pegasister in the Brony Herd Community!