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EDIT: fixed the last two panels so they flow more seamlessly into the NIGHT scene directly afterwards....

Totally off topic, but this page reminds me of my pet theory about Harry Potter.

Before I read the final book in the series, I was CONVINCED that Hagrid was evil.

Every single time Harry got into trouble, there was Hagrid. "Poor sweet innocent bumbling Hagrid."

I was convinced it was a sham.

Hagrid even tried to DRIVE A WEDGE between Harry and his foster family.

"Oh, but that's Hagrid being nice to Harry, being buddy-buddy and empathizing with his poor plight."



His nasty cartoon-villian-seeming foster family was PART OF THE SPELL THAT PROTECTED HARRY.

Real people aren't two-dimensional cartoon villians. And I had RESEPCT FOR the Harry Potter series to STEP UP and SHOW that nasty people can be reached.

They FULFILLED that with Snape, but DROPPED THE BALL with the Dursleys.

Why? Because the father and son were fat? Because the mother wasn't a photoshopped runway model?

They were PEOPLE. With HUMAN EMPATHY. They had REASONS to be mean to harry.


Or at least they COULD HAVE.


I have to tell you: Jo's father and mother DO have reasons for being nasty.

And being WRONG doesn't mean you're 100% evil.

Just uneducated.