Hello Lovely and Loving Folks,

I hope you are well and happy. You are definitely loved.

Tomorrow we are flying up to attend a Thanksgiving dinner followed by Chamabanacon where Seanan McGuire is Guest of Honor, Amy McNally is Toastmistress, Gene Wolfe is Golden Guest of Honor, and my husband Wesley Crowell is Fan Guest of Honor. You should see our dining room table! Instead of being prepped for Thanksgiving dinner there are vintage D&D modules and books, Pathfinder books all carefully enshrined in plastic bags placed lovingly on small easels. Wesley has been researching and refining his presentations for months. We are very excited!

Also, there will be some great music! Seanan, McGuire, Amy McNally, Jim Mahaffey, Leslie Hudson and yours truly will be performing concerts. There may be others in the works too. I am excited to find out! I've never been to Chambanacon before.

My list of things to do never grows shorter, because as soon as I get a batch of things done, I think of new ones that have to be accomplished. My dry erase board is looking vague dingy--time to give it a once over with a bit of alcohol.

Today I brought my notebook to lunch and decided to write a sonnet using the latest weekly song prompt instead of a song. Well, not instead of--but in anticipation of it helping me write the song later this week. The song prompt is "the silk of night". Lovely song prompt, no? Renée Janski (who alternates song prompts with SJ Tucker for us) says she was saving this one special for us.

So, here is the sonnet I wrote over lunch today. The eventual song may or may not end up being related to the sonnet. 

A life should have some joy wrapped around--
A scrap of the silk of Night, the tulle of Day.
In sadness humanity has frowned
On levity and nearly stripped away
All the things that help us greet another
More easily in cloth of sheer delight--
Our silliness with friend, sister, brother
Some fun to make us laugh instead of fight.
The tendency is to ask yourself, "How can
"You giggle when the world is woven sorrow?"
But people cannot thrive with Joy's ban.
Our naked woe will freeze us then tomorrow.
We will never live it easily--so strive
To share in laughter. Keep our love alive.
by Mary Crowell

Next week I plan to record a very frivolous song about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I have written several serious songs too and have posted the recordings to the +$10 tier. Once this year has run its course, we will go to a monthly song prompt in 2018. I am SO GLAD! I will finally have the time to make a good recording of many of the songs I wrote in 2017. (This week we are working on number 47.)