Sony Digital Mavica: The 1997 Floppy Disk Camera Experience
Hadn't planned to do this video for a while yet, but after another half-dozen projects crapped themselves due to old hardware being old hardware and failing... well, here it is! I'd actually planned to cover the earlier Mavica cameras before the Digital FD Mavicas since I find those a bit more unusual, but I have yet to get one that works (like the MVC-C1 shown in this episode.)

I've had a surprising number of folks asking me to cover these cameras, even though I personally figured there was enough coverage of them on YouTube by now.  So I at least tried to talk about different bits of history and some different models than you might not have seen in video form before. And if nothing else, this is now the highest-quality video about the Digital Mavica in terms of resolution. Really pushing 4K to the limit by showing those 640x480 VGA photos.

Speaking of photos, here's an album of them from the FD5!

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