Soooo....these new Patreon charges, then.
Obviously, a lot of creators and patrons are furious about this. I very much wish we’d been consulted. How are you all feeling about the whole thing?


Laurie x

UPDATE: It seems the overwhelming bugbear is the per-pledge charge - and I agree. It's completely against the spirit of smaller donations spread among more creators- which is surely what the community should be about.

I have lost a significant amount of patron support over this, and I'm SURE I'm not the only one - but I'm in the lucky position to have enough remaining support whereby financially speaking that is inconvenient but not a disaster. Other creators will not be so lucky - and some who badly need the support might now decide that they can't use the platform at all.

When I first decided to use Patreon for crowdfunding a year ago, rather than another platform, a big part of that was the sense that they were a growing company who had stumbled across a way to revolutionise how we fund the arts, but were still largely led by the concerns of artists themselves. Everyone I met when I went to the office seemed sweet and excited, and driven by the desire to do good in the world rather than simply make more money for their shareholders. I hope that that hasn't changed too much.

If everyone's alright with this, I'm going to set this post to public and send it to Patreon in the hopes that this will help nudge them to make the right decision - so please, do keep commenting here.