Sootch00 Update
To all my Patrons,

I want to first send a big thanks for all the support. We've been hit pretty hard by YouTube over the past few weeks and the Las Vegas Shooting has sent them into turbo mode. If it wasn't for Patreon, we'd be in serious trouble so you guys do way more than you realize.

I've recently had a Community Guidelines Strike against the channel and if I get two more in 3 months, they will terminate the Sootch00 account. 

There's a big giveaway coming and for those getting packages, they will be sent this coming week. We've been under the gun and I've fallen behind but getting caught up. 

I'll be on Jury Duty Monday so hopefully it will not be an extended trial. That's going to be interesting : )  But I'm more than willing to serve. 

Thanks again for your patience and we have a lot of cool things coming up. 

Be of Good Courage, Long Live the Republic! 

Don Porter (Sootch00)