Sorasiehn and Adelouhn snippet
Hiho! Back-o! :D

Allergy season is ooooooooover woohoo! ... but now heat has struck x.x fact is, I couldn't do much against allergies bringing me down (despite medication - seriously bad allergy season this year!), but there are ways to combat the heat. Like keeping shutters closed all day. << XD

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm aiming to bring you two new stories and an older, edited one this month. I think I've already written 20 pages of info in between those two XD and, at some point you just gotta do it.

Currently working on a piece relating to the Syrilae (I know, it's Vampire month... but this piece is sorta info in its own right that I need to continue the Vampire-related one << XD) and characters I've been wanting to write more about. It'll be sad. Because... sad :D.

Also, I'm aware I still owe y'all a Vampire video. I haven't forgotten. Couldn't really make one with my eyes all puffy and sneezing and being braindead. <<

So... yeah. This is a quickly written snippet to get the main ideas down, so do expect it to change/thicken in between now and when you get to read the whole story. :D

And now I must go << enjoy and let me know what you think! ^^

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