Sorcerer RPG : A bunch of bad rolls

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I’m running a bespoke game of Sorcerer RPG for my friend Brendan.  He asked for a game system that he could revisit a Mage  RPG campaign with some old friends of his. Something lighter than Mage because they will play something short and sweet. Fate, Cortex, maybe Urban Shadows, or Liminal were my initial pitches. As we talked more about the World of Darkness and Mage I thought…Sorcerer. That's the game.

I've attached my one-sheet we’re running with for this game. Sorcerer: The Fallen. We're playing for an hourish Wednesday mornings. Sorcerer is lean but concentrated. I pulled everything from this session from two emails I got from Brendan.  In Sorcerer everything has been groovy until session one, there is usually a change of the status quo between sorcerer and demon. I wanted to know who's in control here? Don or Mouse. I didn't know where Don was going or what was ahead either, so I had his past catch up to him. Jim the Dragon from the Boumere raids, and a cop he went through the academy with. We'll play to find out. I followed the dice and fiction from there. Here's what we got:

Don and Mouse are just crossing the Nebraska-Kansas border. The battle of Boumere NE miles behind them. The last bastion against the Technocracy destroyed, a lot of good mages dead. So was Mouse, but Don hadn’t acknowledged that yet. Don’s a wanted, ex-cop and no place to call home anymore. Mouse was a promising young protege.

So the plan was to grab some snacks, water and keep moving. This little gas and go store out in the middle of nowhere was perfect.

“Holy Shitcicles!!” Mouse yells. 

The cashier must’ve been deaf, but Don looks up and around, spots the store security camera and a monitor where he sees Jim the Dragon get out a car and walk over to a Sheriff’s patrol car pulling in —-it looks like they’re talking and all friendly-like. 

But Jim died back in the raid at Boumere.

Don tries to quickly pay and get out, he scans around for Mouse -she comes racing out from a back aisle with a tire iron?! Moving fast toward the door Jim is entering. Don hustles, grabs and slaps on some old lady, big sunglasses, and tries to get Mouse calmed down and contained and away from Jim and not be spotted!

Will vs Demon’s Will  1 victory to Mouse.

Mouse ruthlessly clips Jim the Dragon at the knees with that tire iron. Jim howls as he goes down. The cashier is all wild eye and frozen. Don snatches up Mouse and boogies out the front door. He sets her down and pulls her along the sidewalk, and around the backside of the store. Don breaks for the nearby cornfield to escape but Mouse has slipped his grip and is rooting through the garbage pen until she pulls out a nice spiked 2x4. Don tries to reason with her, he grabs the stick and tells her: "Let's go, now!"

Will vs Demon’s Will, 4 victories to Mouse.

Time slows way the fuck down. In that unnatural, unholy way.

There’s only Don. There’s only Mouse…holding an ancient, bloody sword. In a disturbing, chorus of voices Mouse says:

“Unhand me, I am the last knight of the King of Dreams. They have destroyed all the lands of dreams. I will kill them all.”

Time resumes.

Mouse runs back into the store. Don, hesitates but follows.

Jim the Dragon is being helped out by the Sheriff. Jim is favoring a leg, grimacing as they head out the front door. Mouse wallops Jim from behind sealing the deal, dropping him to the ground. The Sheriff is all that keeps him from dropping like a stone.


The sheriff, Alice, asks as she looks up from the spiked club to Don. Don remembers Alice from the academy, he looks around to see Mouse slip out the back. The monitor behind the cashier is fuzzy, glitchy.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

Don says backing away, hands out and turning to run.

Alice grabs her firearm and shoots, hitting Don as he moves unnaturally fast out of the store.

Dice are rolled. Alice goes first, Don defends with one die(not) then Magic’s himself out of the place.

We see Don and Mouse deep in the cornfield moving away from the store. No water. No snacks.

Just a bad batch of rolls!

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