Hey beautiful people! Just wanted to give you folks a quick update and to take a moment to apologise for the lack of content on Geekism lately.

For those of you who have been paying attention, you'll know I started a new position with work which is better for myself and my family in the long run, but has unfortunately put me back onto shifts... whilst this won't be a problem eventually, the shifts are currently being bookended by training sessions for my new role, meaning I'm spending 12+ hours out of the house a day, leaving little free time to record videos, and when I do get chance to sit down at the PC I'm exhausted and not feeling particularly 'YouTubey' ...add onto this the 'post-vacation' bug I've been shifting, it's made Jonti a very dull boy!

Over the next few weeks, the training will be finished, I'll settle into my new work pattern and I'll be getting back into a rythm, so you'll see more content come back to the channel!  I'm still working on 'Theme Park Theory', in fact the first 2 episodes are written! I'm holding out for some video footage from Disney in California, I think it's worth the wait to get some dedicated footage to really show you folks what we are talking about... I hope you agree that it's worth the wait!

Thank you for your patience and continued support,