Sorry about lack of updates last week.
I was really struggling last week. I managed to get a page of Inside OuT done and then needed to go for Blood work. Next thing I know I'm fighting with Photoshop due to some weird conflict with an update to Windows and ended up spending the week struggling to figure out a) what was wrong b) if there was another program that could take over for Photoshop... Ended up finding Clip studio, but it is $45 for the EX and $300 for Pro... I love what Pro can do. Just not something I can afford. 

So I tried out Medibang again... I can't figure out the interface for the life of me... So I ended up getting very little done... Actually there is something... it is a scribble, but I guess that is what this place is for. I'll post it in one moment. 

As usually I'm off for the weekend. Need go do personal stuff... like groceries, laundry and what have you... Also, if you are in the Toronto area I'll be going to the Toronto Comic Artist Festival on Sunday next week, may 15th, for a bit before running off to Project Diva Festival.  And then Miku Expo is on May 20th and the Film festival is on the 21st. So I'll be running around downtown a bit during those days. 

Well it is a busy month, but I think I can get enough done in between everything. 

Thanks again for your support.