Sorry, did you wait long?
Pretend the title is me arriving five minutes late to our first date.

(you need to now respond with 'no, I've just arrived', even though you've been waiting for 13 days)

To be fair, you probably weren't really waiting. Does anyone even read these? Either way, I normally try to do these monthly posts on the 15th of a month, but I didn't have anything interesting to share yet. Half of my mods were updated to Minecraft 1.11, the other half I didn't want to just straight up port without adding some new stuff to them.

First things first, TrashSlot was nearly completely rewritten to be more reliable and work in GUIs outside of the player inventory. With that I think TrashSlot may be my first feature-complete mod! I don't think there's anything else I'd want to add to it, other than maybe adding better checks for the initial position (right now it sometimes appears on the top of the window for GUIs with a large height because I was getting tired).

Crafting Tweaks only got an IMC API addition that may be used for additional compatibility in the future - apart from that I plan to implement a simple "TAB to refill last recipe" feature, and with that I'll likely have tweaked out there as well.

CraftingCraft had the block versions removed because I didn't like them - they made the mod look like any other "hi, this is my first mod, adds fifteen different material crafting tables" mod, which is not what it was meant to be. Initially it was created because people wanted me to bring the Pocket Crafting Table from Factorization back (the Inventory Crafting Table in CraftingCraft).

Cooking for Blockheads is getting at least one new kitchen component in 1.11, as well as another new kitchen-related block, as well as a model overhaul. I'll be sharing more about that on Discord once I get to it.

Waystones will be getting a few small improvements to the user interface. And maybe worldgen waystones since that's the #1 requested feature.

Ex Compressum I have secret plans for to allow more flexibility, but it's rather low on the priority list.

Chat Tweaks was already rewritten in 1.10.2, but never released because some essential GUIs were missing - I plan to finish that for 1.11 and release that along with Twitch Integration to complete the rebranding from the terrible previous name of the mod.

This suddenly turned into a very uninteresting list of changes and upcoming plans, but I thought I'd put some more Minecraft-related information here for once. Nothing new happening in the real world other than me trying to find an apartment closer to campus.

If this monthly dosage of Blay isn't enough to satisfy you, you should come join us in our Discord server. There's frequent updates in regards to Minecraft mods, off-topic rants and discussions, and sometimes I do really funny puns.

Thank you for your continued support, every-chan <3