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Souichi Presents: The Best Terrible Horror Game That Needed Five Sequels

Sometimes, something just... grabs you. In a way thats hard to explain. Maybe it's not something you'd recommend, but you love it. Or you would, but part of the joy is them discovering the flaws in the work where you have. 

Maybe sometimes you find some piece of media that is probably objectively terrible, but you could quote the plot back beat for beat to somebody. 

Only problem is when you go to DO that you have to, say, start "Well see the dinosaurs were killed by a meteorite for their HUBRIS but now in the present PLANT MONSTERS are attacking...."

D2 has a lot going for it; and in many ways, it's ahead of it's time. It has long involved character interactions.... but a mute protagonist. It has inventive beautiful enemies in a rpg-like format.... and tedious endless trekking through literal white snow.... it has so much I love! But also here's the monsters for us to admire and also mock.