Soul contracts and the metaphysical.
Spirit does not exist in just one

location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us every


I believe we possess soul contracts which are inextricably

linked to those we share intimate space with, in what we know as relationships.

If the relationship people becomes violent or aggressive, either physically, mentally

or both and no longer enhances our experience, that contract is over and it’s

the universe’s way of telling us to move on and walk a new path to uphold that

particular soul contract.

Soul mates, those who come into our lives for very specific

reasons are part of the soul contract to which we agreed before arriving here.

These very special beings, of which there are many, act as catalysers to

experience spiritual evolution. Soul mates and especially soul contracts are

not easily understood. In fact, in relative terms, only a handful of Earth’s

peoples know about soul contracts and even fewer attribute any truth to them.

So what is a soul contract? Every time we return to Earth as

a physical being, we carry within a blueprint or life plan that needs fulfilling.

Seldom do we complete our soul contracts first time around and hence we

reincarnate over and over until accomplishment

is reached and ready to return to the higher dimensions of the formless, with

no further need of human experience.

The soul contract determines what situations are presented to us but not how we’ll respond. This is how free

will works. What we consider coincidences are actually synchronistic events, introduced to us in order to grow and one leads to another. A positive sign to look for and evidence you are walking your highest path is when good people enter our lives in order to teach and guide us with loving assistance. In shaping our response to any given situation or imparted advice, we grow in the knowledge of ourselves.

Look at the human experience as an experiment in consciousness. Consciousness wanting to know itself better through each of us. Every being on the planet is at a different stage of personal evolution. Some are towards the end and some have just begun, but either way we are here to experience the unconditional Love of the Universe. This may require many journeys, across many generations and dimensions before we are assimilated into the formless unconditional.

 Knowing this, we are better able to extend compassion and tolerance for those that at best have us scratching our heads wondering why an earth they do or say the things they do. Ultimately, all negative events, thoughts, or actions are acts of

unconsciousness, for a conscious being is unable to act unconsciously. This is

the great test bestowed upon all of us. To attain a level of consciousness

where only loving gestures are offered. 

Right now, that seems far away, a utopian dream that remains just that, a dream. But, not to believe is to accept that man will forever be swimming around in the very murky waters we find ourselves right now.

I for one refuse to accept this a non-debatable fact. Can

this utopia manifest in this lifetime ? We will see, but if not, we will be back for another shot at it in a different flesh puppet, born into a different family, and one we chose to be incarnated into as we begin the journey once more and this cycle will repeat itself until we get it.

I concede, the above sits squarely in the camp of the metaphysical

and for many will be considered new age spiritual rhetoric of little value? Don’t fret if this reads a little heavy. I will break this down and distinguish clearly between the physical and non-physical realms as we go, and how it applies to our everyday lives. And for the non-believers, it’s all good. It’s Just information, like all other and

free to do with it as you will.