Soul Fire Prophecy
Our pain will, in the loving hands of Spirit, be nothing more than an instrument of our growth, a sensation, a message, Divine Voice calling us to speak anew. 

God-Dess is moving upon us and calling us to THE CENTER, to Spirit's perfect love that restores all ceaselessly consuming and creating anew. 

We possess the means to feel Spirit's unbroken presence hovering over our fear, drawing from it out courage and our creativity. 

The ever present reality of Divine breath will usher us into the perfect knowledge of UNITY. 

We will own this truth: 

Spirit's breath is our breath, our suffering is Spirit's suffering and our pleasure is Spirit's pleasure and Spirit's pleasure is ours. Our dreams are Spirit in action. 

We are the apple of Spirit's eye, the gorgeous manifestation of Divine Creation in MOTION.

We will come to fully understand the import of this truth also: no one is coming and no one is going. There is no near and no far, there is only Spirit desiring our blessed unfolding, waiting for our perfect surrender, our perfect fall into TRUTH.

The lies and illusions that have called up the miscreant devourer are now burning in the liberating Divine fire of Love. 

This mad nightmare into which we have fallen will soon materialize as the awakening ground of our true power and creativity. 

This nightmare of illusions can not longer tell us that the supply for our needs, the very needs Spirit gave to us in order that Love might enter, is somehow unattainable. Our ears are closing to this lie right NOW. 

This poorly woven night terror can no longer invites us constantly to fixate on absence, lack, betrayal, distress. All invitations to feast on despair are hereby marked: Return to the Miscreant (unlawful, out of line) Sender. 

Spirit is feeding us instead from HER breast and Spirit is sheltering us in HIS covering. 

We are head down in the boundless womb of Love and Resurrection, SHE is birthing us anew into the full knowledge of Divine favor. Soon HE will swaddle us in HIS love, manifest in everything we touch 

We are beginning to know Love as the unending supply of all we ever dreamed of needing such that we are full of only one thing:


Which is just another way of saying, Spirit is making us a Divine vessel, not a storehouse of love, but a goblet of Sweet Milk, overflowing, pouring Divine essence without ceasing and without discrimination:


We are all worthy of Divine touch, of pure Spirit fingers running through our hair, braiding clarity into our consciousness until our eyes shine with the knowledge of God-Dess.

The Dream Midwife™ on The Passion Path®

Living with the fire of prayer, praise, and prophecy leaping from my lips. 

Rebecka Eggers