Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.04.20

Hello, Friend!

How have you been?  Is it warming up where you live?  The spring has breathed new life into Soul Saga and I'm excited to share it with you today!

New Beta!

There's a new beta build you can download if you're a Patron.  If you got the beta through Kickstarter, you can find it in your Humble Bundle library.

🌟⭐ Get the beta here! ⭐🌟

🔮 New Features 🔮


• The new capital hub city is portrayed in a beautiful 2D landscape.  This makes getting around town more punctual and effective while maintaining the size and beauty of the world.

• There's a Guildhall for picking up quests.

Airship Exploration

Airship Exploration has been completely overhauled!  It's now a completely unique, fun, engaging, and challenging experience.  Notable features are:

• A different archipelago every time you embark.

• Full free-roaming exploration with no artificial barriers.

• Crashing when hitting islands or other obstacles.

• A giant Cloudking that hunts you if you stray from the archipelago.

• A warning for when the Cloudking has you in its sights.

A sonar for finding quest objectives.


Here's some quick miscellaneous notes on the beta:

• The beta will be Windows only from now on.

Due to the overwhelming majority vote, and also because Unity completely broke all my shaders on Mac and Linux lately, I've decided to only support Windows for the beta.  I'm very sorry for anyone disappointed, and I promise I'll do my best to try and support Mac and Linux builds when Soul Saga is close to being finished.

• The beta is VERY different.

As we discussed in a previous patron-only blog post, I am trying out a new concept with Soul Saga.  It will take me a while to really iron it out and add the variety needed for this gameplay loop to shine, but I have a LOT of faith in it.

For now, just know it focuses heavily on making Airship exploration as unique, fun, and challenging as possible.

• Guildhall Quests

There's a placeholder Guildhall system in place that will be expanded on later.  Right now you can just hop in to get your two placeholder quests and then leave through the airship docks to test them.

• Airship Controls

I've personally found that Soul Saga's new airship exploration works best with a controller, but I have also implemented mouse and keyboard controls that I feel are also very natural.


  •  You'll need either an Xbox or PS4 controller.
  •  Left stick to move horizontally.
  •  Right stick to move vertically.
  •  B-button to activate your sonar and find your quest objectives. 

Mouse Controls:

  •  Use the mouse cursor to turn and aim your airship.
  •  Use W and S to move backwards and forwards.
  •  Use Right click to activate your sonar and find your quest objectives.

I hope you enjoy the beta!  Please let me know what you think.

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