Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.06.03

Hello, Friend!

How are you doing?  I hope your spring has gone well and you're excited for summer!  Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, then I hope you're enjoying the cold weather!
I've been making huuuuge progress with Soul Saga and have never been so excited to share it all with you.

The new beta beta update (version 19.06.03) is ready for you to download and has a lot of new features.  Let's talk about some of them!

🌟⭐ Get the beta here! ⭐🌟 

🔮 New Features 🔮

Day-Night System

Soul Saga now has an in-game time passing system with four phases: Dawn, Dusk, Night, Curfew.  Time passes naturally while exploring archipelagos on your airship.  The next day progresses when your choose to sleep at your Guildhall.  Crashing the airship or losing a battle will also cause time to automatically pass.

In a future beta, various enemies and events will only happen at certain times of day.  Currently there are enemies that begin to spawn during "curfew" to give an organic "nudge" for the player to get to bed before they're overwhelmed by predators of the night.

World Map

Medonia has a world map!  It's a procedurally generated layout so each new game is a different experience.  Different archipelagos are connected to each other, and you must explore them to unlock access to other areas.  You can even strategically send your Guild members to explore different islands to unlock the whole world map faster!

Heroes, heroes, and more heroes!!!

There's a huuuuge roster of recruitable heroes planned for Soul Saga.  To prevent the beta from spoiling too much, I've locked out all except 6 heroes for the purpose of testing the Quest Delegation system.  I want Soul Saga to be as fresh as possible for you when it's finished!

Quest Delegation

A big feature of Soul Saga is the Quest Delegation system.  You know how in RPGs you have a bunch of characters, but then the majority of them just sit at your base doing nothing the whole game?  Well, not in Soul Saga!  Every single one of your Guild members can (and should) be sent to do quests in different parts of the world parallel to your own adventures.  And when they're done, they'll report in the next morning! (Maybe even with treasure!)

I have big plans for later beta versions to add a very sophisticated adventure simulation for these delegated quests.  Pairing up the right Guild members will be a very important part of the game.

📝 Notes

Even though Soul Saga is incredibly unique, Beta testers have reported that it's designed in an intuitive way that requires very little explanation to get the hang of controls.

The only thing to note is a new action button for exiting the archipelagos once you've completed your quest (or if you're low on hp and items).

You can leave the archipelagos by holding the following depending on your control scheme:

  • Mouse + Keyboard: Space Bar
  • Xbox Controller: X button
  • Playstation Controller: Square Button

What do you think?

Soul Saga has become very well developed and it's now at a point where feedback is critical to ensure it steers in the right direction when it lands.

If you have any feedback, please let me know in the Disastercake Discord server!  Talking with you is the highlight of my day! 💖

❤️ With love, ❤️

Mike 🤓  +  🦊 Senpai

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