Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.09.25

😍 Hello, Friend! 😘

You look great today!  How have you been?  Is the weather treating you well?

Soul Saga is coming along VERY well.  All the final pieces are starting to fall into place and almost all big milestones have been met.  Here's what I've been working on since the last update.

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🔮 New Features 🔮

Airship Equipment

An airship engineer has setup shop in Dunhaven!  They'll sell you all sorts of equipment that can be used to customize the speed and sturdiness of your airship, along with new modules that add special on-use skills like speed boosts or air brakes.

New Hero Skills

Each character in Soul Saga is dripping with unique personality and style, and now they all have unique combat skills to boot!  Each character's unique skill set allows you to strategically choose the best options for each encounter.  Currently there are 6 playable heroes in the beta and more are planned for the near future.

🔨 Feedback Fixes 🔧

Adjustments to existing features based on fan feedback and personal observation...

  • Gameplay: Resource nodes now have a 25% chance to not have an enemy guarding it (previously they all required a fight to pickup).
  • Gameplay: Songbirds now have a slightly larger collider for easier pickup,
  • Visual: Airship windbreaker effects now appear dynamically based on the velocity of the rigidbody.
  • Combat: Several skills adjusted to make sure they more logically benefit from the magic or physical buffs from the compass system. 
  • UI: The character list in the Guildhall will now only list the characters implemented in the current game version (previously listed every planned character).
  • UI: Total playtime display added to the settings menu.
  • Combat: Increased the difficulty of final bosses.
  • Combat: Reduced the power bonus of Compass Buffs on many skills to 2.5x (from 4x).

🐞 Bug Squashes 🐛

Bugs that 'should' be fixed...

  • Visual: World map now has a proper backdrop if the camera goes out of bounds during the Inkheart Invasion cutscene.
  • Misc: Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements...

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