Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.11.24

Hello, friends!

I just made a couple bug fixes for the Soul Saga beta.  I'm polishing up and fleshing out the base gameplay, so there may be quite a bit of small updates like this moving forward.

🔨 Feedback Fixes 🔧

Adjustments to existing features based on fan feedback and personal observation...

  • User Interface: Re-enabled the Guildhall chat panel with placeholder text for guild members.
  • User Interface: Started laying framework for more visually descriptive skill tooltips.

🐞 Bug Squashes 🐛

Bugs that 'should' be fixed...

  • Gameplay: Delegated party members, to an unlocked map spot, would incorrectly state that another team completed the quest, when actually they had made partial progress themselves.
  • Misc: Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements...

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