Soul Searching Wowbinar
 Soul searching is the first step to mastering your life's passion, meaning, and purpose. We will begin by looking within and bringing to light the dream you hold most dear, then we will work together to create a plan and see it through.

Here are a few things I would like to uncover in the Soul-searching Wowbinar...

Part 1: Self Examination/The Dig-Deep Part

You might like to use these questions to journal, or reflect on:

What makes me happy?What am I naturally good at?

What did I dream about being when I was a kid?

What inspires me?

What am I passionate about?

What is my purpose?

What are my Core Values?

What is my One Word Intention? (Focus term or phrase)

What is the life I am choosing? To be happy? Free? Confident? Successful?

Part 2: Motivation: The Action Plan Part

  • Surrendering, freeing myself to let go and be me
  • I am...
  • Vision Board/Life Plan