"The Soulful Embrace of Art and Aesthetic" -- a 2-part series on music, art, culture, and thought

hey y'all, thanks to all of you who've been supporting me on Patreon over the last few months. updates have been a little slow over here, but things have been buzzing and bursting on the work front. i'm currently in the planning stages for my next musical adventure, Joylancer is finally almost done, and we've started putting together more prototypes and working on getting some smaller, supplemental games out into the world as well. financially, i haven't been doing very well, but that is essentially what you sign up for when you go into any art field.

for this post, i would like to show these recent two blog posts i made, regarding my most recent 2 releases-- "Berserker Generator" and "Neoauralia Alchemica" -- and how their creation ties into my developing worldview of modern human culture and its relation (or rather, conflict) with Art and Aesthetic.

i'm interested in furthering the conversations around art and expression, and exploring my own personal philosophies as well-- and while i acknowledge that these conversations are often very difficult, i think that we have gone too long without exploring them. in the modern age, there's almost a feeling of shame towards appreciating and presenting artistic perspectives, as if "Art" is some sort of mysterious entity that human beings are incapable of interfacing with.

it's very concerning.

even fellow artists (myself included) are often brought a sense of anxiety over the idea of having artistic motivations behind a piece. it's like we're afraid of being rejected by modern culture -- but as artists, we already are. we're devalued, laughed at, taken advantage of. with that in mind, i find myself growing less and less tolerant of the silence. modern culture isn't listening anyway. only our peers.

as i look for "enlightenment", i want to bring the same to those who surround me; i believe artistic liberation leads to liberation of self. i believe that when you are able to express yourself without chains, you are able to embrace your genuine Self, and you are able to love your Self -- and through the love and embracement of Art & The Self, we can become stronger, smarter, more aware, and empower each other too.

please give it a read if you have a chance.