Sources Updated
After hours of searching i have reached the conclusion that the most complete lists of moons/dwarf planets are found in NASA's website (no surprise here) but a Kuiper belt list is a bit more elusive (just like the objects themselves). I am going to keep the sources as compact as possible because there are literally thousands of websites to draw the data needed for the project. So far i am going to use these lists as my source of data for the objects :

Moons -

Dwarf Planets -

Kuiper belt/TNO's -

The planets do not require a detailed list as they are pretty much straight forward and we all learned them at school, the question is where to place Pluto, i grew up with Pluto as a planet but nowadays is classed as a dwarf planet. It will all depend on you as i am going to create a poll for this. 

This list is going to be updated with sources from where i am going to use the photos of the objects (at least for those that photos are available) and i will try to get a good shot of the moon by myself but my camera lens maybe be inadequate, i'll give it a shot and depending on result i will decide what to use.