South African Farm Murders - A Warning for America
If America is going to restore individual liberty and live up to it's claim of being "the land of the free"its citizenry must not only learn from history but from the mistakes of other countries around the world. There is perhaps no country that serves as a better warning than present day South Africa. Like America, South Africa has a history of legalized racial discrimination.

After the end of Apartheid the South African government implemented "Black Economic Empowerment" laws. Essentially, Black Economic Empowerment is a form of reverse affirmative action that disincentives and punishes businesses for having too many white employees. Businesses over 50 people who have less than 75% black employees are not eligible for government contracts. They also receive hefty fines from the government. Businesses that pay for outside services from other businesses that are not owned by black people are not eligible for government contract. The result has been businesses in South Africa choosing to leave open positions vacant when not able to find a qualified black person; rather than hire an unemployed, qualified, and available white worker. The harsh business climate has led to the stifling of economic growth and has disincentivized foreign investors from investing their money in South Africa. Not being able to hire the most qualified workers jeopardizes a businesses ability to prosper and businesses are not going to take risks in South Africa when they can invest in other more business friendly nations. Black Economic Empowerment has had the opposite of its alleged desired effect. Black unemployment remains high at 28%.

Identify politics almost never work because their basis relies on the pinning of one group against another. Identify politics, just like in America, creates one set of laws for one set of people, and a different set of laws for another group of people. It is legalized discrimination. Identify politics attempts to choose winners and losers, but in the end all of society loses. All of South Africa has lost from Black Economic Empowerment laws.

Another major problem with identity politics is that they require convincing one group of people that another group of people is the reason for all of their problems. It plays on peoples natural instinct to be tribal. Once policies like Black Economic Empowerment fail, the ruling party will lose power if it admits that the condemned group of people are not the cause of the other group of peoples problem. The result is that politicians double down, further racial divide, and erode individual liberty. Businesses also are intimidated out of speaking truth because identify politics create a race obsessed population and any business that speaks against "social justice" polices risks isolating itself from the Indoctrinated masses.

The African National Congress; the ruling party in South Africa; has doubled down on identify politics, racial divide, and the erosion of individual liberty. They are now calling for the confiscation and redistribution of all white owned farm land, without offering compensation to the farmers. 

Nothing says the combating of racism and discrimination like confiscating land based on the skin color of the land owner. The plan is to gain a large enough majority in congress to change the laws and "legally" confiscate the farm land. This is of course an egregious violation of individual liberty and Natural Law. Natural Law dictates that property that is lawfully obtained and is not being used to directly Inflict harm on others is legally owned. 

The legislation introduced specifically focuses on skin color and not the individual circumstances of how each farm was obtained. Not to mention that most of the land being discussed has been owned by families in South Africa for hundreds of years. All ownership of land, in all places of the world, has changed hands over the centuries. Without a reasonable statute of limitations, the world would be in a never ending land dispute. For any land dispute to be justified one individual must file a legal grievance against another individual and the burden of proof should be innocent until proven guilty.

If that is not bad enough, the Economic Freedom Fighters, the third largest politically represented party in South Africa, has essentially advocated for violence against white African farmers. Their message has not exactly been condemned by the African National Congress or the mainstream media. Something we have seen in America in the political establishments and mainstream medias failure to condemn violence from communist ANTIFA. Did I mention the Economic Freedom Fighters are openly communist. What Is truly frightening is how similar their platform is to the current platform being pushed by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media in America. See their platform below:

The ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS is a radical and militant economic emancipation movement that brings together revolutionary, fearless, radical, and militant activists, workers’ movements, nongovernmental organisations, community-based organisations and lobby groups under the umbrella of pursuing the struggle for economic emancipation.

The EFF is a radical, leftist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles. The EFF will be the vanguard of community and workers’ struggles and will always be on the side of the people. The EFF will, with determination and consistency, associate with the protest movement in South Africa and will also join in struggles that defy unjust laws.

The EFF takes lessons from the notation that “political power without economic emancipation is meaningless”. The movement is inspired by ideals that promote the practice of organic forms of political leadership, which appreciate that political leadership at whatever level is service, not an opportunity for self-enrichment and self-gratification.

The EFF draws inspiration from the broad Marxist-Leninist tradition and Fanonian schools of thought in their analyses of the state, imperialism, culture and class contradictions in every society. Through organic engagement and a constant relationship with the masses, Economic Freedom Fighters provide clear and cogent alternatives to the current neo-colonial economic system, which in many countries keep the oppressed under colonial domination and subject to imperialist exploitation.

The EFF is a South African movement with a progressive internationalist outlook, which seeks to engage with global progressive movements. We believe that the best contribution we can make in the international struggle against global imperialism is to rid our country of imperialist domination. For the South African struggle, the EFF pillars for economic emancipation are the following:

a. Expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation for equal redistribution in use.

b. Nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy,

without compensation.

c. Building state and government capacity, which will lead to the abolishment of


d. Free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation.

e. Massive protected industrial development to create millions of sustainable jobs,

including the introduction of minimum wages in order to close the wage gap

between the rich and the poor, close the apartheid wage gap and promote rapid

career paths for Africans in the workplace.

f. Massive development of the African economy and advocating for a move from

reconciliation to justice in the entire continent.

g. Open, accountable, corrupt-free government and society without fear of

victimisation by state agencies.

The EFF appreciates the role played by the fathers and mothers of South Africa’s liberation movement. The EFF draws inspiration from the radical, working class interpretation of the Freedom Charter, because, since its adoption in 1955, there have been various meanings given to the Freedom Charter. The EFF’s interpretation of the Freedom Charter is one which says South Africa indeed belongs to all who live in it, and ownership of South Africa’s economic resources and access to opportunities should reflect that indeed South Africa belongs to all who live in it. The EFF’s interpretation of the Freedom Charter is that which says the transfer of mineral wealth beneath the soil, monopoly industries and banks means nationalisation of mines, banks and monopoly industries.

The EFF’s interpretation of the Freedom Charter also accepts that while the state is in command and in control of the commanding heights of South Africa’s economy, “people shall have equal rights to trade where they choose, to manufacture and to enter all trades, crafts and professions”, meaning that there will never be wholesale nationalisation and state control of every sector of South Africa’s economy. Nationalisation of strategic sectors and assets will be blended with a strong industrial policy to support social and economic development.

Economic Freedom Fighters will contest political power, because we are guided by the firm belief that we need political power in order to capture the state and then transform the economy for the emancipation of black South Africans, especially Africans. The forms in which the EFF contests political power will, from time to time, be reviewed in the light of prevailing circumstances, but the primary role of mass organisation and activism, as a means to raise the political consciousness of the people, will remain the bedrock of our political practice.

Therefore, the EFF will be involved in mass movements and community protests that seek the betterment of people’s lives. The EFF will also associate with movements that demand land through land occupation, aimed at making the message clear that our people do need land. The EFF will support all trade unions and workers that stand up in demand of better working conditions and salaries wherever and whenever they do so. The EFF will not be bound by narrow alliance loyalties that compromise the interests of workers just because they are in a different trade union. Our pursuit of the basic demands of the Freedom Charter is above forms of organisation that the working class, and indeed black people, may fashion in the course of struggles. In other words, alliances and other forms of organisation are relevant to the extent that they maximise our march towards realising the vision outlined in the Freedom Charter.

The EFF is guided by revolutionary internationalism and solidarity that defined the politics of the July 26 Movement, which led the Cuban Revolutionary struggles. We will partake in international struggles that seek to emancipate the economically unliberated people of Africa and the world. We will form part of the progressive movements in the world that stand against continued imperialist domination.

Aims and Objectives:

To establish and sustain a society that cherishes revolutionary cultural values and to create conditions for total political and economic emancipation, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth of the nation.

To attain and defend the National Integrity and Liberation of the oppressed black majority of South Africa.

To participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism, racism and all other forms of discrimination.

To participate in, support and promote all struggles for the attainment of the complete independence and unity of African states and by extension, the African continent.

To oppose resolutely, tribalism, regionalism, religious and cultural intolerance.

To oppose oppression of women and the oppression of all other gendered persons.

To oppose patriarchy, sexism, and homophobia and any cultural or religious practices that promotes the oppression of anyone, women in particular.

Do you see how eerily similar the political platform of the openly communist Economic Freedom Fighters is to the platform of the current Democratic Party in the United States of America? How close their platform is to the message pushed by the mainstream media? Is it a coincidence that the western media has been largely silent on the situation is South Africa. Communism is a failed ideology. We have over 100 years of historical data that proves communism and/ or any other collectivist ideology almost always leads to mass death and the destruction of individual liberty and freedom. The communist have thus, had to rebrand themselves in America. What used to be Communism and the bourgeoisie vs. the proletariat; is now progressivism, and the oppressed vs. the oppressor. The modern mainstream media has become more like the propaganda arm for the oppression olympics. Everything is white vs. black, man vs. women, gay vs. strait, and so on. South Africa provides a perfect example of where this is all going to lead unless American's reject identify politics.

The calls for violence from the Economic Freedom Fighters have been heard. There were 457 attacks on farms and smallholdings in South Africa and 74 farm murders in just 2016-2017. A farm Attack is defined as follows:

“Acts of violence against person on farms and smallholdings refer to acts aimed at a person/s residing on, working on or visiting farms and smallholdings, whether with the intent to murder, rape, rob, or inflict bodily harm. In addition, all acts of violence against the infrastructure and property in rural community aimed at disrupting legal farming activities as a commercial concern, whether the motive/s are related to ideology, land disputes, land issues, revenge, grievances, racist concerns or intimidation are included.’

According to reports, attacks are even more frequent in present time. The government is very secretive with the updated statistics. The murders are particularly violent in nature. Victims have had body parts amputated, eyes gauged out, nails drilled into them, been boiled alive, and have had their testicles removed.

We as Americans need to use the case study of South Africa as a warning. Identify politics and the division preached under communism has only lead to mass death and despair. This has been true in the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, and is playing out in South Africa at this very moments. The answer is what it has always been; the rejection of collectivism and government created "equality" in favor of individual liberty, and equality of rights under the law. Individual liberty knows no skin color.