South Shields Aerial oil Painting (HI-RES)
In the future if things go well, I would like to award My Patreons/YouTube Subscribers with the chance to win Some of My best Work Printed and framed. 

In the Meantime I would like to Regularly Offer these  High-Resolution styled Photos (Non watermarked)  Specially chosen to say Thank You to My Current and Future Patreons.

Today is: South Shields Coastal Shot (Edited and oil Painting effect)Full 4K=3992x2242 (unless Patreon will compress it im not sure yet? im new at this!)


Dunk x

P.S.  I think i should make this First Post Public, then the rest Patreons only. (otherwise how will anyone see that i like to give away large scare prints of my work right?)  ok :)