Southampton Forest Argent Day Event

Southampton Forest Argent Day Event: The Rapture 

As mentioned last time, I am going to do a write up of each event each time now.

The goods, the bads, what we can learn from it etc. 

This event was set in the world of Melnisia, a brutal harsh world of slavery and immortal over lords. 

The plot hinges around saving some lost slaves from one of the dangers in Melnisia. It is fair to say that things did not go as planned. 

The Good 

There was a strong roleplay feel to the group as a whole, players and crew, everyone took on their parts with panache. 

The combat felt difficult. 

People took their hits and played up to the combat. 

The Bad

There were some serious questions regarding the rules and occasionally it came up at inappropriate moments. 

In some ways, the event was to tough, the players had to back out. With a very small and limited player group the loss of one of them meant (the only healer) that they had to pull back rather than finishing the mission. 

The other thing that was clear was that the player group had a very different idea of what their characters wanted to achieve than we the organisers had envisioned. As such the plot felt rather forced. 

What can we do about these issues?

Well, we have the new rules coming out in the new year, that should help everyone be on the same page rules wise. 

Limited players is unfortunate, the time of year is cold etc. When stating creatures, we need to be more aware of that. 

Regarding what the players want: we need to try and make sure that the players communicate that ahead of time. 

Hope you enjoy reading through the plot, as ever, happy to field any questions. 

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