Sovryn Tech Ep. 0259: “It’s Okay"
What is Meltdown and Spectre, and what can you do about them? Does time really move faster as you get older? Also, Brian’s Best of 2017 picks, the WHO and gaming addiction, Twitter’s response to Trump, and so much more!

Special Guest: N/A

Opening Audio:Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on Oprah (

The Foreplay:
--The Sovryn Tech Newsletter (, new items in the Sovryn Tech Store (, games randomly taken down from Steam and PSN (, Star Trek Bridge Crew is out of VR (, artificial barrier around the Earth protecting us (, Twitter responds to Trump concerns (, Haven app (

Story of the Week:
--“Right and Wrong Sex” Link:
--“Time is Flying, and How To Stop It” Link:

--“Meltdown and Spectre” Link:

--“Gaming Addiction is Officially a Disorder” Link:

The Climax:
--"Best of 2017"

--“World Crypto Economic Forum” Link:
--“Heleum” Link:
--“ZenCash” Link:
--"Roberts & Roberts Brokerage" Link:
--"CryptoCompare" Link:
--“Unixstickers” Link:
--“Sovryn Tech T-Shirts!” Link:
--”Sovryn Tech Solutions” Link:
--”Libreboot X200” Link:
--"" Link:
--"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link:
--"That One Privacy Site" Link:
--"" Link:
--"" Link:
--"Secure Messaging Apps" Link:
--"Lavabit" Link:
--"Obsolete! Magazine" Link:
--"A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography" Link:
--"" Link:
--"TatianaCoin Campaign" Link:
--"Zcash4win" Link:
--"EFF Guide to the US Border" Link:
--"Max Stirner's 'The Unique and Its Property' Book" Link:
--"RetroShare" Link:
--"PortaPow USB Condom" Link:
--“Books of Liberty” Link:
--“DongleAuth” Link:
--"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link:
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