Soylent 'Coffiest' - My thoughts...
Back in June of 2016 I posted an article on having a ~99% liquid diet, consuming the liquid 2.0 version of Soylent, and that I had been going at it for 100 days.

While I am not at the 99% level any more, I am still drinking the Soylent bottles for one, sometimes two meals a day. Not sticking to any schedule or such, just whatever I tend to want to do from day to day.

Towards the end of my article I stated:

Soylent is rather friendly to being mixed with other liquids too. Sometimes, especially on early morning trail running’s, I will carry one of those small cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso. Once I drink about half a bottle of the Soylent I will pop open the can of espresso and pour it into the Soylent bottle. It tastes really good. Other times I will pour a packet of Starbucks Via into a Soylent container, that too works out very well. Adding a couple splashes of Soylent into a cup of already-made-coffee is something I regularly do at home. I also enjoy putting a couple drops of vanilla extract into a bottle of Soylent. Adding water flavor packs (take your pick) into Soylent is something I have discovered is not all that, well, advisable. I have also mixed together Soylent and Silk Chocolate Soymilk, which is also pretty dang good, and gives the Soylent a nice chocolate flavor. Adding straight cocoa powder into Soylent is something I have tried, but not something I enjoyed – perhaps I just need to try a few different types to find one that blends well and tastes good. It would be very interesting to see Soylent make a chocolate flavor some day.

Well, a few weeks ago Soylent introduced a "coffee" version of their liquid product, called "Coffiest", so I bought some to try out.

It is not the best tasting thing out there... by any means. It has a rather/overtly strong flavor to it.

I posted up a review on amazon with my initial thought of this new Coffiest, and figured some of you might be interested in reading it.

I think the most interesting thing about it is the L-theanine, which is something that kills the 'buzz' people get from caffeine.

It is also going to be interesting to see how, or even if, Soylent will be able to be something I can continue drinking out on the trail, giving it is starting to get cold here in the Redwoods... I got a feeling this is going to be an early, and very cold, winter!

Speaking of winter... dang I wish I would have had the money for a winter hot tent! Every year about this time I start hitting youtube and watching all the youtube videos on hot tents... and it just makes me want... here is the video that got me started watching them again, a few days ago: