A friend and I have started an online study group (on Facebook) where we are tackling some new ideas in modern magical practice with regards to Germanic Heathen Reconstructionism. What we wanted to do was create a system born directly out of Runes and Seidr. We started as a basis by following Thorsson's Rune Guild protocol (along with the Ring of Troth principles) and some of the Seidr techniques learned from various konas and lore that we  have encountered. What we are experimenting with are systems of operative magic based directly from Germanic Lore that we preform on ourselves on a regular basis and we document and write about what comes from it.

What we have noticed is that a greater unfolding of the metaphorical concepts of the lore open up for us and certain circumstances seem to be lining up for us. 

I have started a new podcast to document a new system that I created called Spa Run. I took Thorsson's Rune Guild principles and applied them to the physical training that I learned from my Seidr teacher. I document on a weekly basis the result. My focus now has been the runes and how they relate in our lives and in lore and how they work towards Self-Transformation.

My Spa Run was based in the trials of a character from the Volsung saga called Sinfjotl, whose name means "sinews of steel". I researched his name and his story to compile a training program for me to strengthen the sinews of my soul-complex each day with runes. Spa Run emerged as a result.

In the podcast, I talk about how I set up the magic and what some of my results have been.  This is but one of many projects my partner and I have on the burner. I will be posting soon about our Voluspa art and Rune project...

For now, click on the link above to hear about Spa Run!