Spaaaaace Notecards!
They’re here! SPACE CARDS. And they’re part of the currently happening Whimsy shipment!

The print run looks amazing - thank you ink levelers for suggesting I go for all of them! And they are a reminder to me that humans are capable of doing amazing things like making orreries and going to space.

If you are a $12 or $30 member, you’re getting *all four* cards and envelopes in your whimsy packages already.

AND! If you are a $6 or $4 whimsy member? You are getting one card with a note from me on it plus a blank card and envelope. Plus, you know... randomness as usual!

And! If I have your address, everyone is getting a SPACE CARD thank you note. Because I very much wanted to send something good out into the world this week.

If you would like MORE notecards -- I’m having a month long level-up and new-membership drive! Lots of reasons (hah. It’s been some kind of month) but main one is completing my PT goal level and taking aim at getting a workspace/desk space of my own. Through the end of November, any member who levels up will get more cards - number based on the level. Plus 2 cards for new members and 2 cards for anyone who refers new members - drop me a line if you bring someone by!

But for now, members above $1, is at least one new Fran-designed notecard and envelope in your whimsy packages! Who are you going to write?