Space Fairy Adopts!
My first set posted on tumblr first, and the biggest batch yet. :>

 For more info about Space Fairies, click here! 

These are 15$ each for my 5$+patrons, and 20$ for non-patrons, and for an additional 5$ you may pick the special treat from the list below...

So you want a little Space Fairy of your own?

When you buy a Space Fairy egg in the shape of the rock they incubate, you will get submissions over a week or two of it turning into a crystallized egg, and eventually a fairy!

It’s a 4-step thing, like this:


As you can see, the design will be based of the general look of the incubated rock.


I use bases I’ve personally made for the designs. To determine which base I will use, I roll a D6 die, meaning it’s completely random.

The shape of your egg gives you a clue however, as you can see:


Ears, wings, hair and so on I add by free hand, as well as patterns. The face I edit as I see fit for the design. I use no base for the rocks.

Height is randomized using to get a number between 20-30. (Measurements are in centimeters).

Special Physical Traits

The fairies can have certain physical traits, such as tails, antennas and horns. Some traits are more common than other, and I use to determine what trait your fairy will have.

Here’s the statistics, if you’re curious:

  • Blank - 26%
  • Antennas - 25%
  • Horns - 18%
  • Tail - 10%
  • Tail + Horns - 6%
  • Arm and Leg Fins - 4%
  • Arm and Leg Fins + Antennas - 4%
  • 3 wings - 3%
  • 3 wings + Antennas - 2%
  • 3 wings + Horns - 1%
  • Thorns - 1%

Special Magical Abilities

A Space Fairy is hatched with one, sometimes two, special magical abilities. I will normally pick something I simply deem fitting for the design. If you want, you can change these abilities, just be sure to not give them anything too OP.

OBS! When it comes to shape shifting: A shape shifting fairy can’t change into anything much bigger than themselves.


  • Claim through a private message here on Patreon, OR, send me an ask or IM on @spacefairyhut!
  • Pay within 24 hours.
  • You can only obtain a Space Fairy through me.
  • You may not make your own Space Fairy unless I’ve personally given you permission to do so.
  • You may use your Space Fairy for roleplay, art work, anything you like really!
  • You can change around the hairstyle and dress your Space Fairy however you like, but the colors and patterns should stay the same.
  • Personality and backstory is up to you!
  • You must credit me for the design and species.
  • Space Fairies have no sexual organs - please do not use them in sexual/nsfw art.
  • Not really a rule but, I’d love to see you tag any art or writings you do for your design. When posting on tumblr, use the tags #space fairies #space fairy and/or #spacefairyhut so I can reblog it to the blog.

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