Space fic # 1
There’s a rest stop on the Texas side of the Louisiana/Texas state line where stars take human form. In the dark shadow of the brightest street light, they coalesce. On the quantum level, they arrange protons and electrons into veins and arteries, neutrons into bones, positrons and quarks into blood and skin. The Earth trembles beneath their feet, a low moan as the planet hunkers down, holding itself together with every atom underneath the gravity of the visiting star. Dirt and grass are reduced to particles due to the gravitational tug of war. The star controls itself, wrestles its gravitational force until it is nothing more than a wriggling tattoo on the skin. Earth settles, sleeps, continues its race around the Sun. Along I-20, cars speed by, the electronics within flickering briefly as they fly through the star’s electromagnetic field. Occupants curse, fear momentarily taking over as, for just a moment, they lose control of the vehicle, only to be regained. Relief. The star watches, settles the field into an elegant braid. Into the night it goes to see the wonders of the human world.