The Space Ranger In-Training: COSMIC-I

COSMIC-I (cosmic-ai)  

"Cosmic-I reporting for duty, sir!" Introducing Love in Space's new official mascot character! She's a space ranger in training, who one day dreams of defending the galaxy against evil. She has a cheery and energetic disposition. So far, she's been patrolling space malls in search of troublemakers and picking up litter in domed parks, but she's destined to become a great space ranger, just you wait. If you're in trouble, call Cosmic-I for help!   


•    Light Mecha Piloting License (provisional) 

•    Stun Sword Training I and II 

•    Introduction to Alien Languages I  


•    Spicy ramen 

•    Power Rangers shows 


•    Sea urchins  


•    State secret  


•    January 8 

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