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Space School Page 245
Read full page here: THIS IS THE ONLY UPDATE FOR THIS MONTH! YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED MORE THAN ONCE FOR THIS MONTH! And with this scene change, Space School is now officially on it's winter break! ⛄ This break will last between now and approximately January 7th. BUT-- that doesn't mean you won't be seeing Space School then until now, far from it actually! Some of you may remember last year we had the 12 Days of Spacemas where I updated Space School 12 days in a row? Well, this year since I desperately need a break; we'll be doing the 12 DAYS OF GUESTMAS! That's right! From December 14th to the 25th, the comic will be featuring guest comics from 12 guest artists all about the Space School cast around the winter holidays. (We'll even be getting comics from some of the other original RP'ers!) It'll end with this year's Christmas themed pic, drawn by yours truly. I'm really excited for this event and I hope all of you are too! I really appreciate everyone understanding my need for a break and helping me out this holiday season! Thank you, thank you!
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