The Space Wolves!! NEW Wulfen - 2000pts
The howling was drowned out by the notice of the wind. The feral space marines advanced on the Xenos position. The wolf lord checked in with his guards over the short range vox link.

The Dark Eldar army they faced is here:

Space Wolf CAD

Lord on Thunderwolf - shield, rune armour, +1 str ap2 master crafted sword.

4 thunder wolves, storm shields, 2 power fists

Iron priest on a thunder wolf , two cyber wolves

5 wolfen with a pack leader, frost claws and grenade pack, 4 with thunder hammer storm shield.

10 grey hunters , 2 plasmas, pack leader combi plasma


5 grey hunters

Razorback TL heavy bolter

10 bloodclaws with a terminator pack leader with a combi melta and frost axe.

Storm wolf

Sicaran tank with 3 heavy bolters

Land raider godhammer

So this list was ready for battle!

Let me know what you think.

I was curious to see what the new wulfen could do on the tabletop, and in the battle report you won't be disappointed.