Space Zombies 1: Version 10.67 Patch Notes

-Players can now earn ranks to display on the Leaderboard

Rank 1- Complete Normal Mode

Rank 2 (Blue)- Complete Hard Mode and Survivor Mode

Rank 3 (Purple)- Complete Ultimate Mode and Elite Survivor Mode

Rank 4 (Green)- Complete Impossible Mode and Special Mode

Rank 5 (Red)- Complete Alternative Routes for Normal, Hard, Ultimate, Impossible, Survivor, and Elite Survivor

-Help menu updated


-Zalo's Mushroom attack speed increase now stacks

-Yashi's weapon projectile speed increased

-Fomar's Vital Heal now heals 1500/3000/4500/6000/9000

-Bibio's Ooze Injection now causes splash and spawns Ooze upon the enemies being killed

-Kimble's air weapon damage increased to 1000

-Kasai's Meteor now causes a persisting flame after impact


-Psionic Caps and Experience Charm added to Secret Shop

-Varmen's shop items have been buffed

-Shadow and Air have been added to Varmen's shop


-Fixed some sounds that were persisting after an enemy has been killed

-Cultist Robe, Araw, and Yulix's Head will no longer damage users

-Fixed the Drax Event Skin not appearing for players who unlocked it