Space Zombies 1: Version 10.80 Patch Notes

-All heroes are now labeled with what role they are

-You can now disable credit ping notifications in Upgrade Menu

-Reduced FPS drops in all game modes (if you're still encountering significant FPS drops, please mention what wave and mode it was on in the comments)

-Some waves have been modified on Normal, Hard, Ultimate, and Impossible

-Commanders in Versus Mode now have 80,000 health


-Yashi's Soul Spiral range increased to 20

-Yashi's Soul Lock stun duration increased to 2

-Estav's Unleash cooldown reduced to 120/100/80/60/40

-Laurel's maximum energy increased to 300 and energy regen to 2.2


-Shock Mag and Cog added to Trophy Items


-Fixed Golden Rabbit not unlocking if Player 5 or 6 caught it

-Fixed Ano Rifle causing selection issues

-Fixed Raker's Lotus icon

-Echoing Crystal should now be usable if you have completed solo Elite Survivor