Spaceship Design - 2. Design
 Hi! My name is Chema and what you’ve just heard is the second part of my  work Spaceship Design. It’s a piece that refers to the design of the  ship, its external and internal three-dimensional shape. The work is  also composed of another five pieces:

1. Motor
2. Design
3. Software
4. The Crew
5. Robot Dance Room
6. Leaving Earth

The Crew:

The  fourth piece is the only one still to be written, and the reason is  that this Spaceship hasn’t got a crew yet. And this is where you come  in. If you like the project and you are a musician of any age and from  anywhere on the planet and you feel like joining the crew, you just have  to write me at the email [email protected] and ask me for  your instrument’s part in order to participate in the next phase. Of  course it would be very useful if you included some audio or video  samples in which you play, and talk about yourself a little bit. The  next piece to be recorded is “Motor”, and the idea is to do it this time  with the new crew instead of the animated scores of the present video.  If you need tabs or any specific audio material (like the isolated  rhythmic base or your part alone, for instance) you just have to ask for  it. As soon as I have time, all the scores will be uploaded for their  easier direct download.

About the instrumentation:

The  instrumentation I’ve used has been a little accidental and whimsical,  and has been determined by the MIDI libraries I have with the most  realistic sound, but if I’d been able to choose real instruments, it  would probably have been different. I’d like to include a violin or a  French horn, for instance. Therefore if your instrument is other than  you’ve seen on the video, don’t let that keep you from writing me. For  me, the most important factors concerning this work are not the timbre  or the instruments themselves, but the melodic-harmonic content and the  rhythm.

In the video the ensemble is composed of bass, drums,  piano, keyboards, bassoon, guitars, flute, a string section (which, due  to several divisi parts, consists of at least 6 violins, 4 violas, 3  cellos and 2 double basses. This number is of course expandable). There  is also a choir, which on the recording is composed of 11 voices, but  can be reduced to 9 (3 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors and 2 basses). I have  included, somewhat naïvely, ondes martenot in the piece, although I’m  quite aware that it’s almost impossible to find somebody who has and  plays one, so it will probably be replaced by a synth with a similar  timbre. I’ve also included a kind of brass synth, whose timbre I like  (it’s a preset from Sytrus by Image-Line, lightly modified), but it  could be replaced by a real brass ensemble, especially french horns.


With this project I’m pursuing several goals, some more realistic and easily achievable than others:

1.  In the first place, of course, to form an ensemble with musicians from  anywhere in the world, joining online at first and making real tours in  the near future. A musical crew with no labels, free of flags, clean of  aesthetic and cultural prejudices, a musical crew only concerned about  developing melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

2. To record an album with all the parts of the work, generating ideas for future projects and to record more material.

3.  There are some other ideas in the air, such as showing the project at  planetariums, to do live performances online or to include visual  artists who want to collaborate by designing an actual graphic  spaceship.

For the moment I prefer not to build too many castles in the air and move step by step.

I think that’s all. Thanks for your attention.

I hope to hear from you soon!