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SpaceShipTwo and Antares
We are joined by Doug Messier of and photographer Ken Brown (AP Photo's) who were in Mojave watching SpaceShipTwo's flight. A day before the SpaceShipTwo accident Doug wrote an amazing article about why Scaled Composites and the SpaceShipTwo engine: Emory Stagmer is the Flight Software Lead for NASA's LCROSS program. He was at Wallops Island with the media when Antares had its in flight anomaly. He joins us to talk about what it was like to see that in person. Raw video from his camera can be seen here: and it gives a great overview of what it felt like to actually be there. In more positive space news: Soyuz Launches progress on a fast approach to Station Atlas V launches 50th flight with a GPS satellite China returns from an engineering test around the moon, brings with it an amazing picture The X37-B Space Shuttle gets a new home in the old shuttle processing facility