Spamming The Web is Not Effective Advertising.

The next time you have someone teach you something about advertising, you might want to ask them if they choose to spam the web or if they are being smart about ad placing and then have them show you what they are doing because what I saw today is just insane.

There is something called "Brand Fatigue" in this world. That is when you plaster your brands ads all over the web and you do so because you are desperate for leads, in fact its overkill because its done so much in all the wrong places.

Instead of being smart and calculated about ad posting, many guru's will not tell you this but they piss away tons of money each month on the CHANCE that they get traffic by spamming the entire internet with their garbage ads. (I Have Proof)

I looked up a DACA article today and this (1-800-Fair-Offer) bullshit was all over the page. There was 3 Fair Offer ads all up and down the page. I'm not sure how anyone plans on converting anything when this is your strategy?

I saw these same ads on a video game app website?.......REALLY! so whoever is posting these ads is an idiot. They are not being placed in a spot where they will convert, they are in places where they won't even get clicked on so why pay for this type of delivery system for your content?

This is why "Meet The Mentor" was created. People need to learn how to be a lot smarter and more calculated when it comes to ad posting because its obvious, certain people out there seem to have no idea what they are doing. 

Algorithms see this spamming technique and they pretty much ignore it, these ads are sitting on a page that has nothing to do with its niche at all. If anything these ads should be guest posted or at least featured in blogs that are written by real estate sales professionals and influencers vs being shoved down people's throats every chance they can get.

If you know who is creating these ads and doing this, go laugh at them, they are clueless and trying to spam their way to new results. I hope this person is not a guru, because I seriously doubt they are telling people that they spam the web as their main source of traffic for their business. No one in their right mind who has a clue about posting content should ever do this. 

You obviously have no idea how the algorithms work on search engines when it comes to getting your content seen by the right people and it shows, otherwise you would be saving tons of money each month from not having to do all this spamming that you do. Being smart saves you money, being an idiot means you do things like this!

These 1-800-Fair-Offer ads have shown up when I play Angry Birds, when I check my Fantasy Football stats, When I visit my wordpress sites, and they were there when I went to go and read this DACA article on Yahoo this morning. Tell me again how well these ads are placed, and I'll come slap the shit out of you. 

**This is mass spamming folks, this is not targeted marketing. This is a very expensive tactic that doesn't convert well at all. If this is you doing this, you need to stop and save yourt money. Go learn SEO and how to post correctly on social media and then you won't have to empty your wallet each month on things like mass spamming.