Sparkstream 1: Finding Your Authenticity as an Artist
Sparkstream is a brand new video series that I am creating.  It blends  artistry with philosophy.  I wanted to talk about how to find your  authenticity by breaking the chains that prevent you from being the  person and artist you naturally are. This video is unlike any  video I've created and I felt awkward at times (trying new things  requires a bit of experimentation)...but in the end, I wanted to make  this video because I've always wanted to create something like this, awkward or not... so there it is. :)  

This video is part of an ongoing process to rekindle my flame for how I approach and create videos.  For awhile, I have been in automatic mode, and while that can work, I needed to break my own pattern so I could feel really excited and awake again.  This kind of video is something I've always wanted to make.  I don't think it's perfect but I'd still like to share it because I think the message is a good one.  I hope you enjoy it too!  :)