It´s getting hot. It´s time to put on lighter clothes and open up the windows. Yesterday, that brought about an unforeseen visit to the kitchen during the brief time we were out. Two daring sparrows had ventured into a hostile territory to enjoy the freshness of our sink and some other breadcrumbs on our kitchen counter. When you come across such sudden callers, you are liable to sense it as an intrusion into your comfort zone, or you might receive it as a lovely wink of life. We opted for the second option, with no hesitation. After all, we´ve never ceased to feel prompted to consolidate the relationship with our sparrows more and more each day. We can´t stop observing and celebrating their dance from our window. We stuffed them with the leftovers on our tablecloth after every meal. And we have provided them with every kind of bases and stands on our terrace. Undoubtedly, they feel at ease in our backyard. And that has led them to pluck up courage and take the plunge into our house. Perhaps because they have the feeling that we don´t consider them intruders, but friendly neighbours, who only leave some stools from time to time.

The presence of our dear sparrows, as it happens with almost everything, holds magical parallelisms and synchronicities with real life. And we´ve been having lovely sparrows coming over lately, whose presence draws us out of our lethargic daily grind and shows us the underlying beauty and charm. These sparrows often take the form of friendly journalists who share everything with us in one day to find out our life options. Sometimes they turn up in the shape of New Zealander tourists who, at the height of our homely maelstrom, ask to be put up for the night, so that they can tell us about their adventures around the world. In other occasions they are virtual sparrows who contribute with the account of their own life experiences, encouraged by the ones they have read from us. Or other times, they are sparrows who cheer us on about our literary outing in the most unexpected nooks. We´ve met sparrows like those, of all shapes and colours. And they´re everywhere. I can tell you for sure! Perhaps all of them willing to surprise us. Perhaps all of them willing to call our attention. They only ask from us not to be afraid of them or feel reluctant to their presence. And if there comes a moment when we need to make up for our lost intimacy, we just have to shut the windows for a while to be eager to open up again and listen to their chirping. This weekend we will close the window and take refuge on the beaches of Tarifa. But on Monday we will be craving for another get-together with our sparrows.

Translation: Cristóbal José Jiménez Martínez