Speak of the Sun
Hi guys! Here's my newest song called "Speak of the Sun"

The idea behind this song came about from a story I was writing and I had the characters in mind when I wrote the song but I feel like it translates pretty well in real life (my life as well). If you've ever gone through hard times, you know how draining it could be and when we're in the midst of struggle, loneliness, darkness, etc. we want someone to tell us that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's like you're stuck at midnight and you want someone to tell you about sunshine...hence the title "Speak of the Sun"

The video has some footage and I wanted it to look dreamy as if someone was reminiscing about a person or about one perfect day that has since passed.

I hope you like it! The video will be up on my Youtube channel at Kristen M. Music and clips will be posted on my Instagram page: kristenm_music

Thanks for watching! I appreciate it :)