Speak up - Demo - VR app for learning about personal space and boundaries for Oculus/Vive.
The main ideas of this demo: 

1. Develop notions of personal space using immersive VR.

2. Practice both respecting other’s boundaries and safe-guarding your own by using vocalization and assertive posture. 

3. Experiment with voice controlled VR app.

4. Experiment with specialized audio.

When a possible threat in our personal space is detected, the amygdala, the area of the brain that is responsible for fear sensation, will fire. The amygdala it is part of the primitive “lizard brain” we still have. Freezing is a totally natural response to fear. Training can help forge other alternatives in your brain. Unfortunately, many of us, especially young girls, are taught from a young age to be polite, not make a scene and not to speak up when things are bothering us. This VR experience is based on a game I invented when teaching kids the basics of self-defense (http://youngherotales.com), it provides an opportunity to train our response to fear by practicing vocalizing commands to stop a monster from reaching you. It also trains putting your body in an assertive posture useful posture with your hands in front of you.

The other side of this game is just as important as it trains listening to another person’s boundaries. You get to embody a monster and an avatar will tell you when to move and when to stop. Both the monster and the avatar will appear in a random place around you and train your special awareness.

Technical Stuff:

1. This demo was made for the oculus (with touch controllers) or Vive

2. You will need windows 10 for the voice recognition to work.

3. Download the correct zip file from the attachment bellow. 

4. Unzip and run .exe

5. Make sure the Oculus/Vive is up and running

We recommend strapping on the hand controllers for this game! 

Game instructions:

You will hear in game instructions and can always say instructions to hear the list of voice commands.

Start out with your hands by your body and say “Calibrate” – this is so we can get a baseline of where your hands are to measure if you are in the right posture to stop the monster.

Bigger/Smaller – will change the size of the monster

Quicker/decrease – will change speed of monster

Change – will change the game between the two mods of play (you stopping monster or you being the monster).

Restart – will get the monster to start approaching you from some angle around you.

Stop (while looking at monster with your hands in front of your face).

For the voice recognition to work best the word once as clear as possible.

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