Speaking of stupid videos...

Along with Foam Adventure, there have been quite a few YouTube videos I've been forced to hide from the public over the years from being under attack.

Ridiculous things like my video of my Leafeon Suit visiting the park got flagged as an 18+ video (most of my YouTube followers are 13-17 years of age and couldn't watch it) and was plagued with comments of being a child molester because I was interacting with kids while in costume. Couldn't have that floating around my channel and YouTube forbid the re-upload and monetization of the footage because of the flag on the original. I even tried getting the flag removed with no luck.

There were some silly videos my best friend, Starmuttani, and I made giving updates on our lives or talking about costume plans and we tried to make it as entertaining as possible- but there lots of problems caused by our joke about being lesbians and acting silly in general after the Foam Video became so "popular", so I hid them to help protect our sanity.

There's also a video I never released publicly about walking on the Digileg stilts for the first time and giving exceptional amounts of commentary about my experiences and thoughts. It's actually even filmed by one of my Patreon supporters (you know who you are ;3) But because I didn't have the time to go back and edit the footage to blur the license plate number on the back of a friend's car out of courtesy, I never made the full thing public... though it is actually not illegal to film and photograph plates (I had to check this when I started my "Car Stalkers" tumblr blog). I did spend hours of my time to take out the license plate on the public version anyways- the one that I edited down to only be a few minutes for presentation (out of the full 18 minute session). So maybe one day I can find the time to finish editing it and make the whole thing public. But for now I can just share it with you guys.


So the next few pieces of content I'm posting for you guys will be links to a bunch of hidden videos. As my officially awesome Patreon Patrons, I want you to have access to my full YouTube library. They will be presented in order from oldest to newest. Enjoy! :)

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