Special +5$ Loot: Queen vs Whorelords game

 What's about the new adventures of the Big Titted Queen?  

Allow me to introduce a new lewd leader of Iron Horde. The ceremony of queen's ascending the throne cannot begin without Elders of Clans. Be sure, the lecherous orcs will find an interesting ways to honour their new Queen! ;)

This mini-game is more lewd/con rework of the final event of the Whorelords 3.1

  • HD pictures
  • more willing lustful Sylvanas  story
  • new multi-platform engine and GUI

I've made much more corrupted and lustful version of Sylvanas for this mini-game.

 For more non-con/rough sex story check the full classic Whorelords 3.1 game events


Images: 74

Image Quality: HD

Play on: Mac, Win, Android

Yeah, I create multi-platform games now, so maybe you can play my games on your calculator too.

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