Special Announcement!
Over the last six months this Patreon has grown (thank you!), and I have grown artistically as well. I've enjoyed my Patreon-as-sketchbook set-up, but I'm ready to move on to something more structured and a little more ambitious. 

Many of you probably found me through my 100Days100Women Series. You may be very happy to know, and I am happy to announce, I'll be continuing my historical women project on Patreon! 

I'll be posting art of one woman every week, with these being part of larger themes. There is no set end date for this project at this time. My overall name for this ongoing project is “Femme Obscura”. I chose this name because an important aspect of my mission with this art is to bring to the forefront heroines that have been forgotten, under-valued or misunderstood. To make these obscure and obscured ladies a little less so. 

Details of the new structure:  

  • First theme: She Spies! Revealing the brightest, most cunning, and deadly Secret Operatives you may never have heard of!
  • Femme Obscura art uploaded every Monday 
  • Every-other-week's Femme Obscura art is exclusive for 3 months 
  • $5 Patrons will get one 5x7 print per month (decided in a $5 member poll on Patreon) 
  • $20 Patrons will get all the month's art as 5x7 prints (4 or 5, depending on the number of Mondays in the month) 
  • $1 Patrons will continue to have the same access to all art as before.   

I hope you all are looking forward to the new format as much as I am! The project beings May 1st, new pledge tiers will be added in late April.